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Greenhouse Plant SMFL.jpg

Portraits, still lifes, and more.

Copy of 'Study of the Head of a Man Shouting' by da Vinci SMFL 2017.jpg

Portraits, Master copies, and commissions.

Ongoing Series


Drawing inspiration from a small-town dive bar community, with a focus on Open Mic Night. 

Butterfly on Yellow SMFL.jpg

In an effort to reduce studio waste, these collages extend the life of disposable painting supplies.

Corey Rochester, Blue and White, 2023


Capturing the essence of the people in my life. 

Black Halo, SMFL 2017.jpg

Rearranging recycled pieces of print media to make sense of ideas, other people, and current events.

Spackenkill, 2020 SMFL.jpg

Coming Soon

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